Mexico, Puebla South Mission March 2015 - March 2017

Elder Ethan Del Toro
Mexico, Puebla South Mission
31 poniente #109 Interior 201
Col. Chula Vista, Puebla, Puebla
Mexico C.P. 72420

Monday, May 18, 2015

Fast food hits the spot

Monday May 11, 2015

Hello fam!

This week was a good one especially because I got to talk with my family over skype for mothers day! Ive only been out for a little over a couple months but it was awesome to catch up and hear about how much is going on at home.

Not too much different happened this week. Me and Elder Conrad got to go into Puebla for a doctors appointment and the city of Puebla was awesome! After the appointment we wen't and ate carl's jr. and got a crispy cream doughnut! Some classic american food definately hit the spot.

This week we get to go into Puebla and Elder Pino who spoke in conference is going to address our whole mission and talk to us about the talk he gave in conference! We are all way super excited!

I hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Del Toro

It's for the niños!

Monday May 4, 2015

Hello family!

This week has been a good one. Me and Elder Conrad have been working so hard but we didn't have a ton of success this last week. This week has been our hardest working week yet but we just had a hard time with the numbers we usually put up.

They had a holiday the other day "dia de los niños" and what a better reason to set off fireworks all night long above our apartment and throw back some family sized corronas. But I mean, its for the niños haha.

So the other day me and Elder Conrad were at this pueblo over closer by the volcano that is a secondary area of ours to go check out some references we got and no one was home at any of the references we got! We were pretty bummed but then this guy in a cake shop stopped us and wanted to talk to us. We was really interested about how like young guys like us go on missions and all that. Then he offered us some cake and man was it awesome. It totally made my day and now we are going to start to teach him the lessons this week.

If you guys haven't had a chance, you should look up the recent video the church made for easter. I'm not sure what its called in English but in Spanish its "gracias a que el vive" so in English its something like "thanks to that he lives". The church has been having us hand out tons of cards that have the link to the video on them and we have been having pretty good success with giving them out. We shared the video with one of our investigators during the lesson and man what a powerful lesson. He has been having trouble with faith and stuff like that and so we shared the video with him. Afterwards we bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the gospel. That was by far the strongest I have felt the spirit on the mission. While I was bearing my testimony I just began to cry from being so overcome by the spirit.

I know that Christ lives and He loves us. Because of Him death has no sting, satan has no power, and the chains of death were broken forever so we are made free. I know that Christ suffered for each and every one of us so that we can live again. There is no greater display of love in the history of all time than when Christ took upon himself the sins, afflictions, and sufferings of the world. I know he did this because He loves us. I know this to be true and this is the great message we're sharing. I love this gospel and this great news I get to share every single day.

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Del Toro

1) Us and the sisters with this lady we helped paint her little business earlier this week.
2) This huge cemita I had the other day at our favorite taco place we like to go to.


Monday April 27, 2014

Hello family!

This week has definitely been a good one. There has been so much that happens from day to day I can't even fit it all into one email.

I love my area and the people that live here. Except for the part that when people see me and my companion, two young kids from utah, they love to scream out "Gueros!" like we don't already know it. That happens more times a week than I can count haha. There are a lot of cool members that are always willing to help the missionaries with the work and it helps us so much. And the food has been awesome! Some of the food the members will make for us for la comida is absolutely delicious. But it really just depends on the day and who you're eating with hahaha.

Me and Elder Conrad are working super hard in our area. Our area is an absolute gold mine with prime investigators to be baptized. One of our investigators, Rodrigo, is an awesome dude that is so ready for baptism. But he works about 84 hours a week so we're having a hard time getting him to church. Here there is a rule that an investigator needs to go to church a certain amount of times before they can be baptized so we've kind of ran into some problems with that. Another one of our investigators that has been to church more than enough times, is married to 2 different girls so hes not quite ready for baptism yet. We have so many investigators basically ready to be baptized we just have a couple obstacles we need to get past.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary. The gospel is changing so many people's lives and I'm able to witness it. I see so many miracles happen from day to day and I know the Lord is hastening His work. I love this gospel and I love all of the blessings that come from it.

Everyone have a good week!

Elder Del Toro

1) thuggin waiting for the bus
2) a picture of the volcano Popocatepetl while it was smoking earlier this week
3) all of the missionaries of the Nealtican zone

Finally in Puebla

Monday April 20, 2015

Hello family!

Im finally in Puebla! I havent really had a chance to send out a group email in a little while so here it goes. Im really close to a city called Nealtican east of Puebla. And Im in a little pueblo called Huejotzingo. Here they speak a dialect of spanish called Nahuatl. Our area is as close as you can get to the volcano here in puebla! You can see the volcano really well here and it errupts about every couple days but it hasn´t errupted really bad in a little while.

My new companion is Elder Conrad! And yes he is an American! Hes from Sandy Utah and he has a little over a year on the mission. Today was actually his birthday and he turned 21. Hes a way awesome dude and we do really well together. We live in this really nice apartment together and its sweet! Our appartment in way nicer than any of the other elders and sisters because ours is rented from a member so we get a really good deal on it. Every day we eat the afternoon meal with member and I hevent had anything crazy yet. But this morning for breakfast, me and Elder Conrad went to a little tienda and bought some yogurt for his birthday and brought it to our casa. It looked a little funny, tasted a little funny, and smelt a little funny, but we ate it anyway because we paid a good ammount of pesos on it. And we are suffering because of it hahahaha.

There are a good amount of members and we have a pretty good member support for the missionary work. A lot of the members are willing to help us out quite a bit and a couple of them want to be our best friends. And the members absolutely love us! They will feed us till we are bursting at the seems and give us some more.

Our area is awesome and there is a lot of good potential for us here in Huejotzingo. Everyone have a good week!

Elder Del Toro

1) my mission president , Presidente Stellmon, and his wife
2) one of the catholic cathedrals that is pretty close to our house
3) Our district picture from when I was leaving the MTC