Mexico, Puebla South Mission March 2015 - March 2017

Elder Ethan Del Toro
Mexico, Puebla South Mission
31 poniente #109 Interior 201
Col. Chula Vista, Puebla, Puebla
Mexico C.P. 72420

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

English Classes

Monday August 17, 2015

Hello family!

This week was another great one. I got invited to go back to my last area, Huejotzingo, to baptize one of my old investigators! I baptized Alejandra and the Elders quorum president baptized Carlos and it was a really sweet service. They have been taking the lessons for about 2 years and they couldn't get baptized and then finally they got baptized! There was so many people at the service and it was one of the best baptismal services I've been to. Also we baptized Paty! Moroni, one of the youth in our ward that has a mission call, baptized her. We had it at the stake center and there was 4 other baptisms in he same service.

We started teaching English classes last week! Me and Elder Winters have been teaching them and its been going pretty good. We've taught how to pray, how to meet somebody and the next class we are going to teach how to bear a testimony. We really like teaching them and we've gotten a few new investigators from it so we are going to continue them!

Elder Romero goes home tomorrow so hes been pretty excited. Ill be staying in the area and I will get a new companion.

Not too much else is going on! Im happy and I love being a missionary

Elder DT

1) Baptism of Clarlos y Alejandra
2) Me and Elder Winters teaching the English class
3) Baptism of Paty

A Special Invitation

Monday August 10, 2015

Things are going great! This week I got invited to go back to my old area and baptize one of my old investigators. I'm really excited about that Ill be able to baptize them. Its a little family and so if they decide to get sealed in a year in the temple, Ill be able to go to mexico city to see them get sealed! Also this weekend we have a baptism for one of our investigators named Paty. Her boyfriend that has a mission call is going to baptize her so we are really excited about that. This weekend is something special called a Noche Blanca. So everyone in the zone tries to put all of their baptismal dates for a specific date to get baptized in the stake center the same night. Right now they are planning on having 18 people get baptized that night from all the missionaries in the zone. We are super excited and Ill be sure to send some pictures next week. But everything is going pretty good! Ill write more next week today I'm not in my area because my companion had his last interview before he goes home so I'm on exchanges with some other elders here in their area to write.

Have a good week, I love you!

Elder DT

Baptisms and a Wedding

Monday August 3, 2015

Family and friends,

Things are going pretty well here in Puebla. Not too much new has happened this last week. We are going to have a couple baptisms before the end of the change so we're pretty excited about that! This week we had interviews with President Stellmon at the stake center and it went really good. He gave me some great spiritual insights and always pushes us to be better! Right now we are teaching this girl named Paty. She is the girlfriend to one of the youth in the ward that has his mission call. She is progressing really fast and we have a baptismal date for the 15 of August! Also we are still working with the family Conde to get married and then baptized. They came to church this last week and there is a Hermano in the ward that is going to pay for the wedding so we are trying to get them married soon and then the whole family get baptized.

Everything is going great and I love being a missionary!

Elder Del Toro

Hospital Rounds

Tuesday July 28, 2015

Hello familia!

This last week was another great one. This week I'm writing on a Tuesday because me and Elder Romero were in the hospital with Elder Winters who has been sick. We ended up going back and forth to the hospital 3 different times and if he is still sick by tonight, its my shift to go and stay in the hospital with him. But hes been feeling better so he should be released from the hospital tomorrow.

This last week I went on interchanges one day with Elder Ramirez. He is a funny little guy from Peru. Every time me and Elder Romero poke at him or joke with him he calls us racists. We're not sure why but hes a funny little guy. He is super tiny so the other day at the hospital, we were going up a couple floors to go visit Elder Winters and one of the security guards wouldn't let him go because you have to be 12 years old to go upstairs. He is 19 years old and he didn't like that one bit haha. But we had some good lessons and some good laughs.

We had a baptism for Mariana! She is a girl that was adopted into her aunts family recently and so now the family she is living with are members so she took the lessons from the missionaries for a little while and she was baptized this last week! Her uncle baptized her and it was a really sweet baptismal service.

Right now we are teaching a lot of awesome investigators and we are hoping to have a few more baptisms before the next changes meeting so we've been working really hard and doing everything we can do to progress the work. I've been really happy and I love what I'm doing. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than being a missionary in Mexico.

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Del Toro

Twin Brothers

Monday July 20, 2015

Hola familia!

This week was another good one. Me and Elder Romero have been walking so much and working so hard we come home absolutely exhausted every single night. Earlier in the week one of the young men in our ward wanted to come and spend the whole day with us so he tagged along with us for the day. He came over and studied with us and went to our appointments throughout the day too. He was so excited to come with us and see what it was like to be a missionary. But I don't think he knew how hard it was going to be. As the day went on, he was talking about how he wanted to go home. Then at around 6 o'clock, he insisted on stopping by his mom's hair cutting place so we did. He begged his mom to not make him finish the day with us because he was so tired haha. Me and Elder Romero chuckled about it for the rest of the night just the two of us without the poor little guy. So something kind of funny happened, me and Elder Romero when to a baptism the other day for a investigator he taught a while back and there was this girl that I saw looking at me and my comp a little funny. And then a couple minutes later she came up to me and asked if I had a brother serving is the Guatalajara East mission and it turns out she served her mission in Guatalajara and knew my brother Kadyn from the mission. She said she was super confused because she said me and Kadyn look exactly the same and she knew he hadn't finished his mission yet so she was confused why he would be in Puebla! Everything is going great here in Cacalotepec. We have some awesome investigators that are preparing to be baptized soon so we are really excited.

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Del Toro

This is the little guy that spent the day with us. He even looks a little rattled up haha