Mexico, Puebla South Mission March 2015 - March 2017

Elder Ethan Del Toro
Mexico, Puebla South Mission
31 poniente #109 Interior 201
Col. Chula Vista, Puebla, Puebla
Mexico C.P. 72420

Monday, May 18, 2015


Monday April 27, 2014

Hello family!

This week has definitely been a good one. There has been so much that happens from day to day I can't even fit it all into one email.

I love my area and the people that live here. Except for the part that when people see me and my companion, two young kids from utah, they love to scream out "Gueros!" like we don't already know it. That happens more times a week than I can count haha. There are a lot of cool members that are always willing to help the missionaries with the work and it helps us so much. And the food has been awesome! Some of the food the members will make for us for la comida is absolutely delicious. But it really just depends on the day and who you're eating with hahaha.

Me and Elder Conrad are working super hard in our area. Our area is an absolute gold mine with prime investigators to be baptized. One of our investigators, Rodrigo, is an awesome dude that is so ready for baptism. But he works about 84 hours a week so we're having a hard time getting him to church. Here there is a rule that an investigator needs to go to church a certain amount of times before they can be baptized so we've kind of ran into some problems with that. Another one of our investigators that has been to church more than enough times, is married to 2 different girls so hes not quite ready for baptism yet. We have so many investigators basically ready to be baptized we just have a couple obstacles we need to get past.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary. The gospel is changing so many people's lives and I'm able to witness it. I see so many miracles happen from day to day and I know the Lord is hastening His work. I love this gospel and I love all of the blessings that come from it.

Everyone have a good week!

Elder Del Toro

1) thuggin waiting for the bus
2) a picture of the volcano Popocatepetl while it was smoking earlier this week
3) all of the missionaries of the Nealtican zone

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