Mexico, Puebla South Mission March 2015 - March 2017

Elder Ethan Del Toro
Mexico, Puebla South Mission
31 poniente #109 Interior 201
Col. Chula Vista, Puebla, Puebla
Mexico C.P. 72420

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Twin Brothers

Monday July 20, 2015

Hola familia!

This week was another good one. Me and Elder Romero have been walking so much and working so hard we come home absolutely exhausted every single night. Earlier in the week one of the young men in our ward wanted to come and spend the whole day with us so he tagged along with us for the day. He came over and studied with us and went to our appointments throughout the day too. He was so excited to come with us and see what it was like to be a missionary. But I don't think he knew how hard it was going to be. As the day went on, he was talking about how he wanted to go home. Then at around 6 o'clock, he insisted on stopping by his mom's hair cutting place so we did. He begged his mom to not make him finish the day with us because he was so tired haha. Me and Elder Romero chuckled about it for the rest of the night just the two of us without the poor little guy. So something kind of funny happened, me and Elder Romero when to a baptism the other day for a investigator he taught a while back and there was this girl that I saw looking at me and my comp a little funny. And then a couple minutes later she came up to me and asked if I had a brother serving is the Guatalajara East mission and it turns out she served her mission in Guatalajara and knew my brother Kadyn from the mission. She said she was super confused because she said me and Kadyn look exactly the same and she knew he hadn't finished his mission yet so she was confused why he would be in Puebla! Everything is going great here in Cacalotepec. We have some awesome investigators that are preparing to be baptized soon so we are really excited.

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Del Toro

This is the little guy that spent the day with us. He even looks a little rattled up haha

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