Mexico, Puebla South Mission March 2015 - March 2017

Elder Ethan Del Toro
Mexico, Puebla South Mission
31 poniente #109 Interior 201
Col. Chula Vista, Puebla, Puebla
Mexico C.P. 72420

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Last week in the MTC

April 8, 2015

Hola familia!

This week was another good one. This week is my last week here in the MTC so Ill be heading out to Puebla on Monday! We are all way stoked to get into the mission field.

Man what an awesome week having Easter and General Conference in the same weekend! Conference was a cool experience here in the MTC. There was so many good talks I can hardly pick a favorite one, but one that I really enjoyed was the talk given by Elder Holland. He told a story about these brothers who were out hiking in the caves out in Snow Canyon and were stranded at the bottom of a cliff. One brother was able to boost the other one over the cliff leaving the other brother still at the bottom of the cliff. The brother at the bottom told his younger brother to leave because he didn't want his brother to see him fall to his death as he was going to try to leap and pull himself out. He made the leap to reach to the top and could barely get his arms over the top and had nothing to grab onto while he started to slide back down off the cliff. He was about to fall to his death of about 40 feet straight down, and his brother barely grabbed his hand and pulled him out to save his life. Elder Holland related it to the atonement of Jesus Christ how the atonement is that helping hand to pull us out of the deep pit of misery. Without the atonement of Jesus Christ, we would all fall to our deaths and we would never have someone to save us from falling to the bottom. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for our sins so that we may return to live with God again. He is my savior, my redeemer, my older brother, and my best friend. He loves us so much and wants to help us from falling to the bottom of the pit, we just need to extend our hand so He can pull us out.

Sometimes I like to ponder on the great and eternal sacrifice by our Savior. He suffered, bled and died for each and every one of us so that we may be saved. He willingly suffered so we can overcome death. "He lives to bless me with his love. He lives to plead for me above. He lives, my hungry soul to feed. He lives to bless in time of need."

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Del Toro

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